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Agriculture is the symbol of the development of human civilization, and agricultural products are the indispensable material basis for human survival. With the rapid increase of population, food safety and agricultural safety become the top priority. The irrational use of chemical pesticides has a serious impact on the quality and quantity of agricultural products. At this time, it is particularly important to develop efficient, low toxic and broad-spectrum agricultural insecticides and bird repellents. It is reported that cinnamaldehyde, the essence spice from cinnamomum cassia, a Lauraceae plant, is widely used in agricultural pesticides because of its natural non-toxic and pollution-free safety characteristics. Cinnamaldehyde has stable chemical properties and is friendly to the environment. Its combination with pyrethroids and other ingredients can effectively inhibit the population reproduction of corn weevil, bark beetle and Tribolium castaneum. In addition to being an effective component of pesticides, cinnamaldehyde is also one of the raw materials of bird repellent. The bird repellent of cinnamaldehyde diluted with water can adhere to the surface of objects and slowly release an aromatic gas that affects the central nervous system of birds. Birds will fly away after hearing it. Cinnamaldehyde bird repellent is environmentally friendly and degradable, and will not cause damage and pollution to birds and the environment. It is the future development trend of agricultural pesticide industry.