Introduction to R&D platform

The company's R&D platform has three subordinate technology R&D centers, Wuhan Nengmec Plant Source Anticorrosion R&D Professional Center, Wuhan Nengmec Product R&D Center and Wuhan Nengmec Food Application R&D Center. The platform has more than 10 scientific researchers with master's degree or above, and more than 100 sets of analytical instruments and equipment for the research and development of microbiological technology and related products. It can independently carry out research and development technology and undertake various national, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects. Establish technical exchange and cooperation relations with Huazhong Agricultural University and Wuhan Light Industry University. The company adheres to the concept of green, non-toxic and harmless products, close to nature, and is committed to establishing a green and sustainable R&D and application system.

At present, the platform is mainly engaged in the research and development of food essence and flavor synthesis, food preservation technology, food processing technology and other directions, which can provide enterprises or manufacturers with high-value anti-corrosion technology solutions.