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  • Bird Repellent-1.jpg

    Which Method is Better to Repel Birds?

    Birds can be friends of mankind and a symbol of beauty, but for growers, it might be a trouble. If it is not driven out in time, it will bring great losses. - Manual Bird Repellent After seeing birds, drive them away manually, paying particular attention to the early morning and evening periods

    03 08 2020
  • applications of cinnamaldehyde.jpg

    Cinnamaldehyde and Its Many Uses

    Name: CinnamaldehydeOther names: 3-Phenyl-2-propenal; Cinnamic aldehyde; trans-CinnamaldehydeCAS No.: 104-55-2Purity: 99%minManufacturer: Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. Cinnamaldehyde exists as yellowish to greenish-yellow oily liquid, with strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and spicy taste and burni

    30 07 2020
  • Benzaldehyde.jpg

    Benzaldehyde: An Introduction with Applications

    Benzaldehyde, also known as benzenecarboxy aldehyde or benzoic aldehyde, is the most simple, and also the most commonly used industrial aromatic aldehyde. Benzaldehyde is a colorless liquid at room temperature and has a pleasant odor. Benzaldehyde is miscible in volatile oils, fixed oils, ether, and

    28 07 2020
  • cinnamaldehyde - feed additive industry.jpg


    The company, Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating research, production and sales. We strive to always be ahead in chemical innovations, having established partnerships with manufacturers and distributors across the globe, in order to best serve our

    22 07 2020
  • flavors-fragrances.jpg

    Can Flavor And Fragrance Expire? How Long Do They Last?

    Flavor and fragrance are widely used in food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, tobacco industry, textile industry, leather industry and other industries. The function and ultimate purpose of flavor and fragrance is to restore the products to the most natural state. For exam

    18 06 2020
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  1. Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The large-scale warehouse and Headquarter office are in Dongxihu District. The company has an independent research and development center, with independent research and development capabilities and rich production experience, advanced production technology, complete testing equipment. The company specializes in the research, development, production and sales of cinnamon series flavors and fragrances, fine chemicals, and food additives.



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