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Feed additive as a kind of bioactive substance with certain specific functions, which is artificially added to feed to meet the needs of animal growth and reproduction, has attracted more and more attention in modern animal husbandry. However, the long-term abuse of antibiotics in livestock and poultry breeding industry has led to drug residues and the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria, which has seriously threatened the ecological environment and people's health and safety. Since July 1, 2020, when China officially implemented the comprehensive "feed antibiotic prohibition" policy, feed additives that can effectively replace antibiotics have become a research hotspot in the livestock and poultry industry. With the withdrawal of antibiotics in succession, the feed additives of cinnamon series products, which are based on natural resources and have the same origin of medicine and food, have attracted extensive attention due to their immune enhancement, antibacterial, growth promotion and other functions. Cinnamaldehyde is usually called cinnamic aldehyde.It naturally exists in essential oils such as Sri Lankan cinnamon oil, cassia oil,agastache oil,hyacinth oil and rose oil.It has a strong fragrance and unique cinnamon flavor. When add to animal feed, it can improve the appetite of animals, speed up the blood flow of digestive tract mucosa, and thus enhance the digestive function. At the same time, cinnamaldehyde in feed can play a very good role in antibacterial, mildew removal, and extending the shelf life of feed, It is an effective alternative to antibiotic feed.