Does cinnamaldehyde help to lose weight?


Cinnamaldehyde (English: Cinnamaldehyde, Cas No. 104-55-2) is an aldehyde organic compound, which is a yellow viscous liquid and exists in a large amount in plants such as cinnamon. Cinnamaldehyde, which naturally exists in nature, has a trans-structure, and this molecule is connected with a phenyl on an acrolein, so it can be considered as an acrolein derivative.
According to the research of the University of Michigan, an essential oil in cinnamon can attack fat cells, so it may be used to treat obesity in the future. This study was inspired by the study of cinnamaldehyde in experimental mice, which showed that cinnamaldehyde can prevent obesity.
In addition, the researchers collected fat cells from volunteers of different ages, races and body mass index. After cells were treated with cinnamaldehyde, they began to express a large number of genes and enzymes that enhance lipid metabolism. This means that fat cells can burn energy instead of storing it as fat in the "heat generation" process.
Wu Jun, from the Institute of Life Sciences at the University of Michigan, said: "Cinnamon has been a part of our diet for thousands of years, and people usually like it very much. Therefore, if it can help fight obesity, it may provide a means to promote metabolic health that makes it easier for patients to adhere to."
Wu Jun suggested that cinnamaldehyde could be used to activate heat generation to fight obesity. However, before further research, she did not approve of using cinnamon as a weight loss treatment, and more research was needed to discover the benefits and side effects of cinnamaldehyde.





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