Learn from accidents and strengthen safety supervision


According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Office of the Safety Committee of the State Council today issued a notice on the "October 15" major explosion accident of Guangxi Yulin Lanke New Material Technology Co., Ltd.



The contents of the notice are reproduced as follows:
All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and relevant central enterprises:
At about 11:10 on October 15, 2019, Guangxi Lanke New Material Technology Co., Ltd., located in the northern industrial concentration area of Luchuan County, Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, had an explosion accident (hereinafter referred to as the "October 15" accident in Yulin, Guangxi), causing 4 deaths and 8 injuries. After preliminary investigation, the enterprise, as a foundry machinery manufacturing enterprise, built chemical projects in violation of regulations and carried out pilot production blindly. A 10-cubic meter atmospheric pressure reactor (product is phenolic resin, main raw materials are phenol and polyformaldehyde) in its resin workshop suddenly exploded during the pilot production. The detailed cause of the accident is under further investigation.
In order to deeply learn the lessons of recent accidents, draw inferences from one example, plug loopholes, improve the implementation of regulatory responsibilities, strengthen the investigation and treatment of potential safety risks, and resolutely curb the trend of frequent accidents, the following work requirements are proposed:
1、 Immediately organize a comprehensive risk screening for enterprises that may involve chemical projects, and implement the regulatory responsibilities one by one. Each region should immediately organize a comprehensive and thorough screening for all enterprises that may involve chemical projects within its jurisdiction, and check whether its business scope includes chemical production, whether the actual production and operation activities are consistent with the records, and whether the construction of chemical plants is in violation of regulations, Pay special attention to illegal leasing of plant or equipment for production to transfer safety risks. We should strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen publicity and rewards for reporting, improve the mechanism, and enhance the effectiveness of investigating and combating illegal production activities. For the enterprises with problems found, they should carefully identify their industry attributes and risks, clarify and implement their regulatory responsibilities one by one, and avoid the occurrence of regulatory blind spots; For the problems found in the inspection, if it is determined that the chemical production is inconsistent with the scope of registration, it shall be punished according to law and regulations, and ordered to rectify immediately to eliminate the potential safety risks; If the case is serious or constitutes a major safety hazard, measures such as production suspension and rectification, revocation of licenses, closure and ban shall be taken according to law and regulations.
2、 Earnestly grasp safety management and safety production in winter, and strictly prevent accidents from rebounding. After the National Day holiday, some enterprises will resume production and work in succession. In addition, the fourth quarter has always been one of the periods of high incidence of chemical hazardous chemical accidents. Once the mind is relaxed and the requirements are reduced, accidents are very likely to occur. All regions should always maintain a high degree of vigilance and strict control under high pressure, strengthen supervision and inspection, urge the main responsible persons of enterprises to seriously organize the formulation of production and work resumption plans, improve the command organization, strengthen assessment and training, and implement safety responsibilities; Check and confirm the devices and safety facilities item by item, fully study and judge the safety risks during the resumption of production and work, and develop targeted emergency plans; Strictly implement the leadership on-duty system, strengthen the on-site inspection, ensure that problems are found and solved in time, strictly prohibit the rush period, rush production, overload production, and prevent the accident rebound during the resumption of production. It is necessary to deploy and do a good job in winter safety production as soon as possible, guide and urge enterprises to strengthen the inspection and treatment of potential safety risks, formulate "winter prevention" plans for adverse factors such as low temperature, rain, snow, freezing in winter, strengthen the control of major hazard sources, do a good job in antifreezing, anti-condensation, anti-skid, fire prevention, explosion-proof, anti-static, anti-leakage and other work, strengthen patrol inspection, ensure the implementation of various protective measures, and ensure safety.
3、 Deepen the comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals, identify and fill in the gaps, and control the risks. All regions should further strengthen the comprehensive safety management of hazardous chemicals, and comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment in this region according to 40 tasks in 10 aspects of the plan, and strengthen measures and speed up the progress of the unfinished projects. In particular, we should pay attention to source access and risk mapping, be highly vigilant to eliminate the risk of backward capacity transfer, adhere to safety first, scientific demonstration and careful selection when attracting investment, and resolutely prevent the landing of projects without safety conditions; It is necessary to carefully compare the Catalogue of Industrial Varieties Involved in the Safety Risks of Hazardous Chemicals issued by the Safety Committee of the State Council, further explore and sort out the safety risks of hazardous chemicals in various industrial fields, especially in the use link, dynamically improve the "one chart and one table", comprehensively grasp the current situation of risk distribution, and improve targeted control measures. We should urge all relevant departments to strictly implement the requirements of "industry management must be responsible for safety, business management must be responsible for safety, and production and operation must be responsible for safety", constantly strengthen the safety supervision of the production, storage, use, operation, transportation, waste disposal and other links of hazardous chemicals, supervise and urge relevant enterprises to strengthen the safety management of hazardous chemicals, do a solid job in preventing and resolving major safety risks, and effectively prevent major accidents, To ensure the safety of people's lives and property and social stability.





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