The future market of trans-cinnamic acid has broad prospects


Trans-Cinnamic acid is an aromatic organic compound with crystal structure and is easily soluble in various organic solvents. Cinnamic acid can be used as an aromatic mixture in soap, shampoo, washing powder and daily cosmetics. Cinnamic acid can also be used as apple essence, cherry essence, fruit essence and flower essence.
During the forecast period, the compound annual growth rate of the global essence and fragrance market is expected to exceed 4%. As companies producing food and beverage, perfume, cosmetics, toiletries and household products continue to increase their demand for spices and spices, the consumption of raw materials (trans cinnamic acid) is also increasing.
Global market segment of trans-cinnamic acid
In the four major applications, the essence market segment occupies a leading position, with a market share of more than 40% in 2018. Next are dyes and coatings, drugs and reagent fragments. In 2018, the Asia-Pacific region dominated the global trans-cinnamic acid market, accounting for more than 40%. The Americas and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) followed closely. At present, the overall market share has increased by nearly 1%, which is also the highest compared with the other two regions. The Asia-Pacific region will continue to lead the market in the next few years and bring more growth opportunities for enterprises.
About Nenmec
Wuhan Nengmeike Industrial Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D, production and sales of cinnamon series, fine chemicals and other products. The main products of the company include: cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic alcohol, methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, benzaldehyde, etc. The company has independent research and development center, independent research and development ability and rich production experience, advanced production technology and complete testing instruments.
Since its establishment, the company has won public praise among the vast number of customers with its strict product quality, reasonable transaction price, high-quality sales service, honest business reputation, perfect sales network and after-sales service, and has always maintained a leading position in the fierce market competition. It has many storage and operation centers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, etc., and its market share has increased year by year.





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Warmly congratulate our company on winning two national patents

Recently, the invention patents "a reaction kettle for the oxidation of cinnamaldehyde to prepare cinnamic acid" and "a potassium cinnamate drying device" applied by the company won the patent rights granted by the State Intellectual Property Office, and both obtained the Utility Model Patent Certificate. As an enterprise specializing in the production of cinnamon series products, we adhere to the management concept of "quality first, reputation first, management first, and service first", and pay special attention to the innovation of production technology while ensuring the production of high-quality products. Yu Chunping, General Manager, and Xu Qinfeng, Deputy General Manager, combined with the actual situation of the company's production line, collected the opinions of technical workers, studied, verified and tested in various ways, and devoted themselves to the patent research and development work, and finally achieved gratifying results. The acquisition of patents not only shows the technical strength of Nenmech and strengthens the core competitiveness of the company, but also brings efficient and high-quality services to customers through technological innovation. "Inheritance, innovation, diligence and development" is the corporate spirit of Nenmech. The company will continue to introduce high-quality talent teams to provide fundamental guarantee for independent innovation; Continue to increase investment in scientific research and enrich the enterprise's innovation and development potential; Further strengthen the interaction between schools and enterprises, enrich the company's technological innovation ability and the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, and provide strong technical support for the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of enterprises.