Lv Wenyan, Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Hubei Province, inspected the water environment protection of the Kunhe River Basin in Xiangyang City


On the morning of September 29, 2018, Comrade Lv Wenyan, Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Hubei Province, went to the Tangdian section of the Kunhe River in Guokao, Xiangyang City to inspect the water environment protection work of the Kunhe River basin on the spot, and listened to the report on the water environment protection work of the Kunhe River basin. Deputy Mayor Long Xiaohong of Xiangyang Municipal Government and other relevant responsible comrades inspected together.
The Kun River is a tributary of the Tangbai River, formerly known as Baishui, with a total length of 157 kilometers. It originates from the Dafu Mountain in Zaoyang City, flows through Zaoyang City and Xiangzhou District and then flows into the Tangbai River. Since May 2018, the municipal environmental protection bureau has organized Zaoyang City and Xiangzhou District in the Kun River basin to carry out troubleshooting on industrial enterprises, livestock and poultry breeding, and the surrounding environment of the assessment section along the Kun River basin in the first ten days of each month on the basis of daily environmental management. At the same time, it has intensified water quality monitoring, strengthened water quality early warning analysis, and found water quality fluctuations, and promptly checked the source and controlled pollution. Since June 2018, the water quality of Kunhe Tangdian section has continued to reach the standard, and the water quality of Kunhe Tangdian section has gradually stabilized, with obvious results.
Director Lv affirmed Xiangyang's water environment management work. It is also pointed out that when the national third party monitors and samples, the local government should do a good job of docking with the national sampling personnel, and should actively coordinate and timely report in case of extreme weather and other conditions affecting water quality. Director Lv stressed that the section of Kunhe Tangdian is the section for the national assessment of our province. It is very difficult for the section of Kunhe Tangdian to achieve the annual water quality standard. Xiangyang City must seize the remaining three months to take effective measures, precise control, focus on tackling difficulties, and ensure that the water quality of the national control section meets the standard.
Long Xiaohong, deputy mayor, said that in the last three months of this year, according to the requirements of Director Lv, he would concentrate on tackling the difficulties. Zaoyang City and Xiangzhou District in the upper and lower reaches of the Kun River will be linked up and down, and the relevant units directly under the city will strengthen the coordination and coordination of management and control, do a good job in precision control, special law enforcement of river basin environmental protection and ecological water transfer, and strive to improve the water quality of the Kun River and complete the annual task.





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