Introduction to flavor types of common spices and their matching with food ingredients


Spices are indispensable for making pickled vegetables or other stewed dishes, especially for making pickled food. Spices are the soul of brine. Next, I will introduce the flavor types of spices and how to match them with food ingredients.




First of all, the flavor types of common spices are introduced:
-Spices with sweet taste
Fragrant leaves, cinnamon, cumin, hawthorn, etc
-Spices with sweet fragrance
Licorice, star anise, betel nut, thyme, etc
-Spices with bitter taste
Amomum villosum, Sannai, Fructus aurantii, etc
-Spices that can produce heat
Pepper, Chinese prickly ash, dried ginger, pepper, etc
-Colorable spice
Mast, turmeric, arnebia, cassia, etc
-Spices with aftertaste
Tangerine peel, bergamot, sandalwood, etc
Secondly, learn what ingredients match what spices.
-Suitable for pork
Pepper, nutmeg, clove, laurel, celery seeds
-Suitable for chicken
Angelica dahurica, geranium, star anise, cumin
-Suitable for beef
Pepper, star anise, nutmeg, grass fruit, etc
-Suitable for mutton
Cumin, pepper, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, geranium, ginger, etc
-Suitable for seafood
Pepper, dried ginger, nutmeg, coriander, coriander seed, mustard seed, dill, cumin
-Suitable for vegetables
Nutmeg, coriander, dill, star anise, fennel, etc
There are many kinds of spices, and different spices play different roles. When you understand the different flavoring effects and functions of spices, you should learn to combine them reasonably to achieve good synergy and produce more ideal and softer comprehensive effects.
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