Emergency rescue plan drill system


Emergency rescue plan drill system
1 Purpose
Formulate provisions of emergency preparedness and response plan for emergencies and emergencies to ensure that correct measures can be taken quickly when accidents occur, minimize accident losses, and form an emergency drill system to improve anti-accident capability.
2 Responsibilities
1. The Safety Department is responsible for organizing the preparation of emergency plans for fire and explosion, environmental pollution and personal injury accidents with major risks, and submitting them to the company for approval and to the local fire safety supervision and management department for filing.
2. The accident emergency plan drill is led by the Safety Department and jointly organized by other relevant departments.
3 Emergency response
1. In case of minor injury, serious injury and death in the company's production equipment, the department head must immediately report to the company's safety production director and general manager.
2. In case of any form of explosion accident in the device, the department head must immediately report to the company's safety production director and deputy general manager.
3. In case of any fire accident in the unit, the department head must immediately report to the company's safety production director and deputy general manager after reporting the fire alarm.
4. In the production process, the department head must immediately report to the safety production director and deputy general manager of the company in case of illegal discharge of three wastes or accidental discharge, which causes serious environmental pollution.
4 Emergency plan drill
1. The Safety Department, together with the administrative, production and other relevant departments, organizes and carries out emergency plan drills for fire and explosion, environmental pollution and personal injury accidents.
2. The drill shall be conducted once a quarter, and the Safety Department shall implement the specific subjects and special requirements of the drill according to the current production practice.
3. The Safety Department is responsible for the coordination and contact with the corresponding superior and outsourcing department.
4. The Safety Department shall record, assess, summarize and evaluate the situation of employees during the emergency plan drill.
5. All employees participating in the drill must take this work seriously.
6. According to the company's reward and punishment regulations, the teams and individuals with outstanding performance in the drill will be rewarded, and the unqualified ones will be punished.
7. After each drill, the Safety Department shall write a written evaluation summary and distribute it to the team along with the reward and punishment notice.
8. The judges participating in the evaluation should score reasonably and impartially, and truly reflect the level of the team.
5 Drilling procedures
5.1. Members of the emergency plan assessment drill team
Team leader: Deputy General Manager of the Company
Member: department head
5.2 Procedures for drill execution:
1) Desktop drill requirements: oral actual operation content;
2) On-site drill requirements: after the operator reaches the required position and equipment field, touch the equipment and dictate the operation content.
3) The use and alarm drill of fire fighting equipment shall be carried out according to the actual requirements of the judges at that time.
5.3 Reward and punishment methods
1. Take departments and teams as units, score the judges and count the average value as the basis for the final score, reward and punishment.
2. The department and team shall be the unit to reward the good and punish the bad. If the assessment score of employees is lower than 80, the team shall apply for re-drilling until they are qualified.
This management system shall be implemented from the date of issuance.





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