Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate: a good helper in summer


When it comes to hot summer, people are most worried about not only how to relieve the heat, but also how to protect themselves from the sun. Sunscreen is a necessary step in summer, especially for girls, even if they don't wear makeup, they can't wear sunscreen. In addition, we should try to avoid long-term activities in the scorching sun. When going out, we must pay attention to protect our skin. We can wear sunshades or sunscreen.




What is UV?
Ultraviolet light is the light with a wavelength of 10~400nm in the sun. From a rough point of view, we can think that the ultraviolet radiation from the sun includes UVA, UVB, and UVC.
UVA has a wavelength of 320~400nm, long wave, and has a strong penetrating power, which can penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. More than 98% of the long-wave ultraviolet rays contained in the sun can penetrate the ozone layer and cloud layer to reach the earth's surface. UVA can reach the dermis of the skin directly, destroy the elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and suntan our skin;
UVB has a wavelength of 280~320nm, medium wave. The shorter part of its wavelength will be absorbed by transparent glass. Most of the UVB contained in sunlight will be absorbed by the ozone layer. Only less than 2% of the UVB can reach the earth's surface, which will be particularly strong in summer and afternoon. UVB ultraviolet rays have erythema effect on human body, can promote the metabolism of minerals and the formation of vitamin D in the body, but long-term irradiation will cause skin redness, swelling and peeling;
UVC has a wavelength of 100~280nm, short wave, and its penetration ability is the weakest. It cannot penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. The short-wave ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight are almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer.
Natural sunscreen - isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate
Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate is an ultraviolet UVB sunscreen, which belongs to chemical sunscreen and has been approved for use by the European Union. Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate has better ultraviolet absorption effect than ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamate, and is a promising sunscreen. Industry professionals believe that isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate is expected to lead sunscreen into a new era of sunscreen with good effect and no allergy.
Sunscreen principle of isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate
It is well known that UVA and UVB are the main ultraviolet rays of sunburned skin. Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate has significant absorption effect on UVA, and has the strongest scattering effect on UVA (mainly UVA and UVB) with a wavelength of 200~400nm. At the same time, it has no stimulation on human skin and will not cause allergy.
Summary of sunscreen knowledge
1. Try to avoid outdoor activities or reduce the activity time when the sunlight is strongest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m
2. Avoid exposure to the sun, and pay attention to protection when going out, such as holding an umbrella, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and wearing long-sleeved clothes
3. If outdoors, it is recommended to use sunscreen products with appropriate SPF value or PA value
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