Logistics Specialist

Face to face

Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


Work area:


Job responsibility

1. Arrange delivery according to order requirements, allocate and package warehouse commodities;
2. Select appropriate logistics companies, negotiate and establish cooperative relations with them, sign logistics contracts, and cultivate long-term logistics partners;
3. Scientifically and reasonably allocate, store and transport goods and materials to continuously reduce transportation costs and losses of goods;
4. Tracked the order number of goods transportation, communicated with the business department timely, and ensured the time to know the status of goods transportation;
5. Early warning and processing of abnormal logistics information;
6. Optimized the logistics information system, put forward suggestions on optimizing the material control management process, and assisted the business in establishing efficient logistics information process to ensure timely and accurate;
7. Report management, responsible for timely preparation of various logistics management reports, and timely symmetry to the front end and background.


Post requirement

1. Familiar with the relevant processes and knowledge of logistics management and supply chain management, familiar with the company's business knowledge and basic financial knowledge;
2. At least 1 year business logistics related working experience;
3. Good planning, management, communication and coordination skills;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous, strong sense of team work and ability to work under pressure.