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  • [Information] Buy Quality Cinnamaldehyde with Wholesale Price from Supplier Wuhan Landmark

    Basic Information about CinnamaldehydeCinnamaldehyde, or 3-phenylprop-2-enal to use its IUPAC name, is the organic compound with the formula C6H5CH=CHCHO that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor (also known as cinnamic aldehyde). The natural product is trans-cinnamaldehyde. The molecule consists of

  • [Information] 2019 Most Popular Products at LANDMARKIND

    Today, I'm now going to introduce the most popular products available at our official website now to you. NO.1 - Cinnamic Acid (CAS NO. 140-10-3)Cinnamic acid is widely used in perfume, food, photographic, polymer and pharmaceutical industries.

  • [Industry News] Cinnamaldehyde - Identifiers, Synonyms, Applications, Storage, and Handling

    Product Name - CINNAMIC ALDEHYDE CAS # - 104-55-2 FEMA Number - 2286 Molecular Formula - C9H8O Formula Weight - 132.16 Boiling Point - 249.00 to 252.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg Physical Description - Cinnamaldehyde is a yellow oily liquid with a cinnamon odor and sweet taste. Common name and synonyms - C

  • [Industry News] Miscellaneous Uses of Cinnamaldehyde

    Cinnamaldehyde is also known as a corrosion inhibitor for steel and other ferrous alloys in corrosive fluids such as hydrochloric acid. It is believed that this is achieved by polymerization to form a protective film on the metal surface. It can be used in combination with additional components such

  • [Information] Cinnamaldehyde can be used as condiment and fungicide

    The flavour and aroma of cinnamon is due to an essential oil which makes up between 1 and 4% of the bark of the Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree. This oil contains many different compounds but the most abundant (65 to 75% of the oil) is cinnamaldehyde.

  • [Information] Cinnamaldehyde Leading the Modern Fragrance

    Cinnamaldehyde Leading the Modern Purfume
    Some people say that the aldehyde in perfume is formaldehyde. Isn't it air pollution? Isn't that decoration gas? Isn't it carcinogenic? How do you spray it on your body? At first, there is a point need to be clear that modern perfumes are all complex

  • [Industry News] How to make cinnamyl chloride and what uses of cinnamyl chloride

    Cinnamyl chloride was prepared by the reaction of cinnamic acid with dichloro sulfoxide.Thionyl chloride is mainly used in the industrial production of organochlorine compounds, which are often intermediates in pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals.

  • [Industry News] Safety Assessment of Food Flavor - Cinnamaldehyde

    Rats were given food flavor cinnamaldehyde (CNMA) orally by gavage at the dose of 2.14, 6.96, 22.62 and 73.5mg/kg body weight/day for 10, 30 and 90 days. Only the group of rats treated with CNMA at the dose 73.5mg/kg body weight/day for 90 days showed histological changes in the kidney followed by i




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