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Flavors and Fragrances

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  • [Industry News] Cinnamyl Cinnamate - Specifications, Synonyms, Applications, Storage, and Handling

    Product Name - Cinnamyl Cinnamate CAS # - 122-69-0 FEMA Number - 2298 Molecular Formula - C18H16O2 Formula Weight - 264.32 g/mol Boiling Point - 698 °F (370 °C) Physical Description - White to pale yellow crystal with floral aroma. It is immiscible with water and glycerol, dissolved in organic solve

  • [Information] Differences Between Flavor And Fragrance

    At most of the time, flavor is a distinctive taste and fragrance is a sweet and pleasant smell. The main difference between flavor and fragrance is that flavor is felt with the tongue whereas fragrance is felt with the nose. However, flavor and fragrance cannot be considered as separate entities sin

  • [Industry News] Fragrance or Flavor Odor Type Listing

    Fragrance and flavor substances are comparatively strong-smelling organic compounds with characteristic, usually pleasant odors.The odors of single chemical compounds are extremely difficult to describe unequivocally. The odors of complex mixtures are often impossible to describe unless one of the c

  • [Industry News] The Truth About Natural Flavors And Artificial Flavors

    As we know, food additives may be natural or synthetic. Many food labels list natural and artificial flavorings in the ingredients. People often believe that natural is better, but is this accurate? Both of them have chemicals. The difference is in whether they come from edible or inedible sources.N

  • [Information] List of Flavoring Agents at Landmark

    Flavoring agents are one of the additives added into the food and related products to enhance the flavor, taste, and freshness of products. Flavoring agents maintain the original flavor for a long period of time during storage.Below is the list of flavoring agents which are available at Landmark:Pro

  • [Information] Reliable Supplier of Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients – Landmark

    As a reliable global supplier of flavor and fragrance ingredients which can be found in applications such as foods and beverages, fine fragrance and perfumery, personal care and cosmetics, and household care, Landmark helps customers deliver on the promise of daily necessities that consumers love.La

  • [Industry News] Flavors and Fragrances Play an Important Role in Our Daily Lives

    Flavors and fragrances substances are strong-smelling organic compound with pleasant odor. Nowadays, flavors and fragrances play an important role in our daily lives which have found widespread applications in food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceutical products. Fragrances (for the c

  • [Industry News] What Do You Know About Cinnamyl Alcohol?

    Cinnamyl alcohol is an organic compound with very distinct sweet, spicy, hyacinth odour. It can be found in the bark of cinnamon trees, as well as in the leaves of the tea-tree, and hyacinth and daffodil flowers. It can also be produced synthetically.Cinnamyl alcohol is mainly used in the fragrance

  • [Information] What Flavors and Fragrances are Added in Cigarettes?

    The general flavor and fragrance for cigarettes is mainly divided into 2 types, casing flavor and aromatic flavor. In the production, they are general abbreviate as the sugar and incense. The specific usages of raw materials are very exten




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