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  • [Company News] 2020 Labor Day Holiday Notice

    Dear Customers, Thanks for your concern and care for such a long time, Labor Day is just around the corner, according to the production arrangement, our company has made a holiday plan as following: Labor Day: May 1, 2020---May 5, 2020Resume normal work from May 6, 2020 Wuhan Landmark appreciates a

  • [Company News] Resumption of Production with Strict Control Measures

    According to Government Announcement, Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. (Wuhan LANDMARK) has been allowed to resume work by Monday. Although the current situation in China's epidemic situation has improved significantly, prevention and control must not be taken lightly. In order to ensure company'

  • [Company News] Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

    Thank you for your continued support for our company. The health and safety of our team and community is our top priority. Due to the ongoing 2019 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, it has been determined that all products manufactured in our factory may be subject to delays of 1 to 2 months o




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