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the Product profile, basic properties and flavors of Cinnamonitrile

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Product profile

Cinnamonitrile, alias β-phenylacrylonitrile, is colorless to yellowish liquid. It is an excellent synthetic spice. The aroma is very similar to the natural cinnamon, with strong cinnamon. The performance is stable under alkaline condition. No toxic side effects to human body, no irritation to the skin, no allergic reaction. Cinnamonitrile is an ideal substitute for cinnamon oil and cinnamaldehyde. Widely used in cosmetics, soap, laundry powder and other daily necessities and soap spices. It has good inhibition effect on mold, wide inhibition spectrum and insect repellent effect. At the same time, it is also used in medicine, fine chemical products, is a very good synthetic products.

Basic properties

Cinnamonitrile, as a new nitrogen-containing synthetic spice, has a similar aroma to cinnamon oil and cinnamaldehyde. Acids and bases are insensitive and have a wider range of applications. After toxicity tests, it is confirmed that cinnamonitrile is less irritating and toxic to the skin than cinnamaldehyde, so it has been widely used in medicine, fine chemicals and other fields. It is a very economic value of synthetic spices.


Cinnamonitrile is also known as styrene cyanide, is an excellent synthetic spice,it has a strong spicy aroma like cinnamon and floral nuances, colorless or pale yellow viscous liquid, it is chemically stable, light, heat or acid, alkaline etching can not make it change. There are no toxic side effects on the human body, there is no stimulation in contact with skin ,there are no allergic reactions, compared with cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamonitrile has the stronger ability through the hair, the aroma is strong and lasts for a long time, potential skin irritation and toxicity are smaller than cinnamic aldehyde, it is the ideal substitute for cinnamon oil and cinnamic aldehyde,it can be used in daily chemical flavor formula,it is mainly used for soap flavor and fragrance detergent formulations, the amount is less than 2%. 

IFRA has no restrictions. Since cinnamonitrile has a unique chemical structure,it can occur Friedel, addition, reduction, hydrolysis reactions,it is also widely be used in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry. According to the information provided by RIFM, acute toxicity data of cinnamonitrile: oral LD504.15g/kg (rat), skin test LD50> 5g/kg (rabbit). Cinnamonitrile can be made by condensation of acetonitrile with benzaldehyde in the presence of potassium hydroxide solution ; or it can be made by the first transformation of cinnamaldehyde into oxime, then by the dehydration following.




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