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  • Here we'd like to give the above-mentioned directors and employees a general statement and a sincere greeting: Thanks for your efforts! We call on all employees of the company to follow their example to regard the company as their home, and take the initiative to do their own work for the long-term development. We're proud of the continuing service and commitment our staff provides our client families each and every day. Let's make progress together!

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  • The company's training of employees is both a welfare and an investment. It can help employees grow faster, become more professional, and create more value for the company. It is a hidden enterprise investment and ultimately achieves a win-win situation.  We understand your value as member of our team. We value your talent and skills. We believe that with such a team member, the company will reach the height of success.

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  • The company strives to build a connected, high performance corporate culture of belonging.  When a new employee is hired at LANDMARK, management expects commitment to the company and in return treats every employee as a valuable family member.  Organizational learning is the foundation for a organization to survive and prosper, and an important channel to enhance an organization's competitiveness, which has a decisive role in achieving a successful organization.  In order to create a relaxed atmosphere, add cohesiveness, and make our work more intimate, the company holds a wide variety of activities.

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