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Organic Sythesis

An organic chemical, also referred to as an organic compound, is defined as being constructed of molecules that possess carbon-based atoms. Each organic compound has a specific group in which each group is different in nature and reactivity. This group is then called as the functional group. The functional group is an atom or a set of atoms that are attached to a compound and serves to give a characteristic property to the compound.
Examples of Organic Compounds or Molecules
Molecules associated with living organisms are organic. These include nucleic acids, fats, sugars, proteins, enzymes, and hydrocarbon fuels. All organic molecules contain carbon, nearly all contain hydrogen, and many also contain oxygen.
- Alcohol
The common chemical formula of alcohol is CnH2n + OH
- Ether
General Structure or Formula: R-O-R, with R may be alkyl or aryl.
- Aldehyde
Aldehydes are organic compounds containing elements C, H, and O by the formula R-CHO, in which: R is the Alkyl and –CHO is the aldehyde functional group
- Ketones
Ketones are organic compounds containing elements C, H, and O by the formula R-CO-R ‘, with R as the alkyl and -CO- as the ketone functional groups (carbonyl).
- Carboxylic Acid
The general formula of carboxylic acids is R-COOH or Ar-COOH, with R as the Alkyl, Ar as the Aryl, and –COOH as the carboxyl group.
- Esther
The general formula of the ester is R-COO-R
- Benzene
Benzene has the chemical formula C 6 H 6
- Alkanes
Benzene also has the chemical formula C 6 H 6
- Haloalkane
Haloalkanes or alkyl halides are compounds that having the general formula “RX” where R is a group of alkyl or substituted alkyl and X is a halogen (F, Cl, Br, I).

Organic synthesis refers to the process of making simple inorganic substances or organic substances into complex organic substances by chemical methods. For example, cinnamic acid is an important kind of organic synthetic raw material. It is mainly used for the synthesis of methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate and cinnamic acid benzyl ester. 



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