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cinnamic alcohol

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    NAME: CINNAMYL ALCOHOLOTHER NAMES: CINNAMIC ALCOHOL; 3-PHENYL-2-PROPEN-1-OL; (E)-3-PHENYL-2-PROPEN-1-OL; (2E)-3-PHENYLPROP-2-EN-1-OL; (E)-3-PHENYLPROP-2-EN-1-OL; 3-PHENYLPROP-2-EN-1-OL…CAS NO.: 104-54-1 Applications of Cinnamyl Alcohol in Flavoring Industry Cinnamyl Alcohol is a naturally occurring

  • [Industry News] Cinnamyl Alcohol Definition, Synonyms, Applications, Storage Method, and More

    Definition of Cinnamyl AlcoholA crystalline alcohol C6H5CH=CHCH2OH of hyacinth odor occurring as an ester in liquid storax and balsam of Peru and used in synthetic perfumes.Odor of Cinnamyl AlcoholCinnamyl alcohol has a distinctive odour described as "sweet, balsam, hyacinth, spicy, green, powdery,

  • [Industry News] Flavors and Fragrances Play an Important Role in Our Daily Lives

    Flavors and fragrances substances are strong-smelling organic compound with pleasant odor. Nowadays, flavors and fragrances play an important role in our daily lives which have found widespread applications in food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceutical products. Fragrances (for the c

  • [Industry News] What Do You Know About Cinnamyl Alcohol?

    Cinnamyl alcohol is an organic compound with very distinct sweet, spicy, hyacinth odour. It can be found in the bark of cinnamon trees, as well as in the leaves of the tea-tree, and hyacinth and daffodil flowers. It can also be produced synthetically.Cinnamyl alcohol is mainly used in the fragrance

  • [Industry News] How to make cinnamyl chloride and what uses of cinnamyl chloride

    Cinnamyl chloride was prepared by the reaction of cinnamic acid with dichloro sulfoxide.Thionyl chloride is mainly used in the industrial production of organochlorine compounds, which are often intermediates in pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals.

  • [Industry News] Cinnamic Acid can be extracted and used as an anti-diabetic drug in traditional medicine.

    The human brain is a very intricate system and several factors such as age and various diseases may affect its working. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disease that can have worsening effects on many organs, including the brain. It adversely affects the central nervous system leading to cognit

  • [Industry News] Cinnamic acid is a known Allelochemical

    Cinnamic acid is a known allelochemical that affects seed germination and plant root growth and therefore influences several metabolic processes. In the present work, we evaluated its effects on growth, indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) oxidase and cinnamate 4-hydroxylase (C4H) activities and lignin monomer composition in soybean (Glycine max) roots.

  • [Industry News] What is Cinnamic alcohol ?

    Cinnamic alcohol is important flavor and fragrance chemicals. Cinnamic alcohol is an organic compound that is found in esterified form in storax, Balsam of Peru, and cinnamon leaves. It forms a white crystalline solid when pure, or a yellow oil when even slightly impure. It can be produced by the h

  • [Industry News] What is Cinnamic alcohol used for?

    Cinnamic alcohol is used mainly in perfumery, particularly in soaps and cosmetics . As an organic compound, Cinnamic alcohol has a very distinct sweet, spicy, hyacinth odour that is found in resins, balsams and cinnamon leaves. It is used commonly in the fragrance industry due to its distinctive od




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