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Food Preservative

These articles are all highly relevant Food Preservative. I believe this information can help you understand Food Preservative's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • A List of the Most Common Methods of Preserving Food

    Food preservation is the techniques to prevent food spoilage, food poisoning, food infection and preventing microbial contamination in the food. For thousands of years, humans have been using various methods to prolong the freshness and safety of their food to stabilize their food supply. Home food

  • 12 Harmful Food Additives and Preservatives You Should Avoid

    Actually, there are lots of reasons why food additives and preservatives are used in our daily life. One main reason is that they can help maintain and improve freshness by slowing product spoilage caused by mold, air, bacteria, fungi or yeast while helping reduce the risk of contamination. In some

  • Potassium Cinnamate - Natural Food Preservative

    Preservative is known as an antiseptic. It is a kind of food additives to maintain the original characteristics and nutritional value. Preservative is a additives which means to inhibit microbial activity, prevent food spoilage to extend the shelf life. Depending on its different role, it can be bro

  • The study of P-hydroxycinnamic acid has been extended to the industrial field

    In recent years, many scientists at home and abroad are also working on
    extending the research on P-hydroxycinnamic acid to the industrial industry.
    After the research and efforts of several engineers, the discovery of
    P-hydroxycinnamic acid and its new market - industrial conductive materials.It

  • Cinnamaldehyde -- the Preference of Fruit Preservative

    China is a major producer of fruits in the world, with its total output reaching 120 million tons in 2010. Since China's fruit production jumped to the top of the world in 1993, China has been the world's largest fruit producer for 18 co

  • Cinnamic Acid-Tea Beverage Antiseptic Seasoning Agent Without Toxin Side Effect

    The invention of Unilever Company, Rotterdam, mainly involves tea extracts, antimicrobial activity of cinnamic acid or its acid derivatives and some acidic agent, which can keeps the drink's pH below 4.5

  • New Food Antiseptics-Potassium Cinnamate

    Potassium cinnamate can be added to all foods and not be affected by PH value. It can be added to tea drinks, carbonated drinks and other foods without affecting original flavor and improving product quality. The new food preservative-potassium cinnamate-is completely colourless and odourl

  • Cinnamic acid can be used in different types of food industry

    L-phenylalanine. L-phenylalanine is the main raw material of sweet aspartame (Aspartame), which is an important food additive in the synthesis of L-phenylalanine from cinnamic acid.




 Sales Manager: Eason 
 Tel: +86-27- 83916065
 Fax: +86-27- 83916065
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