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Cinnamic Acid

These are related to the Cinnamic Acid news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Cinnamic Acid and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Cinnamic Acid market.
  • Trans-Cinnamic Acid Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters - Wuhan Landmark Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Trans-cinnamic acid (CAS NO. 140-10-3) acts as a precursor for esters to develop fragrances. It has a spicy odor and a pungent taste suggestive of cinnamon. It is used as a flavoring agent for bakery goods, confectionaries, beverages, and toothpaste. It is also used to impart fragrance in air freshe

  • 10 Questions & Answers to Learn More about Cinnamic Acid

    Cinnamic acid (CAS NO. 140-10-3) is an important substance because it is widely used in perfume, food, photographic, polymer and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for clinical and toxicological studies. Do you know anything about cinnamic acid? Here is a list of questions & answers which can hel

  • Most Popular Google Searches for Cinnamic Acid Related Terms(Infographic)

    Have you ever noticed the white crystalline compound called “cinnamic acid”? Cinnamic acid is very important because it is widely used in perfume, food, photographic, polymer and pharmaceutical industries.What are people searching for cinnamic acid on Google? Here I would like to show you some usef

  • Flavors and Fragrances Play an Important Role in Our Daily Lives

    Flavors and fragrances substances are strong-smelling organic compound with pleasant odor. Nowadays, flavors and fragrances play an important role in our daily lives which have found widespread applications in food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, and pharmaceutical products. Fragrances (for the c

  • Cinnamic acid derivatives contain melanogenesis inhibition: depigmenting activity

    Pigments of human skin, melanins, are produced in specialized skin cells,
    melanocytes. In the early stages of melanogenesis, the enzyme tyrosinase (EC plays a crucial role.  Many plants have been used in traditional medicine for various cosmetic
    purposes, including treatment of hyper

  • Cinnamic acid derivatives have antimicrobial activities in cosmetics

    Cinnamic Acid supplier said that Many other cinnamic acid derivatives have
    displayed various antibacterial, antifungal and amtimycobacterial activity 55,
    67-71. For potential usage in cosmetics, compounds controlling the growth of
    microorganisms inhabiting the skin are of the most interest. Ski

  • Cinnamic acid derivatives can be used as antioxidants in cosmetics

    Cinnamic Acid suppliers have studied the antioxidant activities of cinnamic
    acid derivatives, including Sova 55 and. fiq. 56. Naturally occurring substances
    and synthetic derivatives have been tested and classified as antioxidants. The
    antioxidant properties are related mostly to inhibition of

  • UV Protection of cinnamic acid Derivatives

    Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for acute and chronic adverse effects on the skin, including skin burns, erythema, premature skin ageing, photodermatoses, immunosuppression and skin carcinogenesis. In the past few years, UV has become considered a public health threat all over the world.

  • Most cinnamic acid derivatives are commonly used as perfumery in cosmetics around the world

    The majority of cinnamic acid derivatives indexed in the Cosmetic Ingredient Database (CosIng) are commonly utilized all over the world as perfuming agents in cosmetics.

  • Cinnamic acid derivatives are beneficial to human skin and hair

    Cinnamic acid (3‐phenylprop‐2‐enoic acid, 3‐phenylacrylic acid) and its
    simple derivatives are widely represented in plants. Naturally occurring
    compounds from this group include, among others: cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde,
    cinnamyl alcohol, 4‐hydroxycinnamic acid (p‐coumaric acid),




 Sales Manager: Eason 
 Tel: +86-27- 83916065
 Fax: +86-27- 83916065
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