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  • [Industry News] What is the market and prospects of cinnamic acid?

    What is the market and prospects of cinnamic acid? Cinnamic acid is an aromatic organic compound which has crystalline structure and is freely soluble in various organic solvents. Cinnamic acid has odor similar to that of honey which makes suitable as flavoring agent. The major applications for cin

  • [Industry News] The application of cinnamaldehyde

    Cinnamaldehyde is used as a flavoring agent in bakery goods, confection, beverages, toothpaste etc. And it is an effective animal repellent, pesticide as well as fungicide. Most importantly, cinnamaldehyde as phytogenic compound used in feed additives has unique physiological functions and is of gre

  • [Industry News] Application of cinnamic acid in electroplating industry

    Cinnamic acid, also known as β- phenylacrylic acid ,3-phenyl-2-acrylic acid, white crystalline powder, micro-you cinnamon aroma. cinnamic acid is one of the important intermediates in organic synthesis industry and is widely used in chemical products such as medicine, spices, plastics and photosens

  • [Information] Cinnamyl alcohol and other 15 materials are approved to be feed additives By EU Official Gazette

    According to the EU Official Gazette, 16 October 2020, European Commission Regulation (EU)2020/1510, Approved 15 substances such as cinnamyl alcohol as feed additives for all animals except marine animals. According to the regulations, The 15 materials are cinnamyl alcohol,3-phenylpropan-1-ol,2-phen

  • [Company News] Find Cinnamyl alcohol at WUHAN LANDMARK

    The company, Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd.(Wuhan Landmark for short), specializes in cinnamon series, including cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol and so on. Our knowledgeable team of cinnamon derivatives experts are available to supply high-purity raw materials in bulk to many fi

  • [Industry News] The Applications and Prospect of Cinnamaldehyde in Medical and Food Fields

    Cinnamaldehyde, also known as cinnamic aldehyde, 3-phenylpropenal or 3-phenylprop-2-enaldehyde, is an aldehyde organic compound that exists in essential oils such as cinnamon oil, rose oil, and patchouli oil. The molecular formula is C9H8O, under normal pressure, melting point is -8℃, boiling point

  • [Information] Cinnamaldehyde - A Major Component of Cinnamon Essential Oil

    Basic Information about Essential Oils Essential oils are aromatic oily liquids obtained from plant materials, such as: seed, bark, roots, stems, leaf, flower, resins and other parts of the plants. They can be obtained by expression, fermentation, or extraction, but steam distillation is the most co

  • [Company News] Wuhan Landmark is a Qualified Supplier of Benzaldehyde

    At Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. (Wuhan Landmark), our core values are performance, commitment, and passion in supplying benzaldehyde and its downstream products for manufacturing and distribution. We provide comprehensive, expert service in the supply and distribution of many wide-use, cinnam

  • [Information] Advantages of Potassium Cinnamate in the Food Industry

    otassium cinnamate, as a new kind of natural food preservatives, is widely used in the food field. Compared with other preservatives, potassium cinnamate has the following obvious advantages: - Strong Antibacterial Ability Potassium cinnamate has a strong effect on molds, bacteria and yeasts that ca

  • [Information] Application of Cinnamaldehyde in Oral Care Products

    With the development of industry technology, the application of cinnamaldehyde has become more and more extensive. In the chemical industry, cinnamaldehyde can synthesize cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamonitrile, and can also be used in color developer, insecticide, mosquito repellent, refrigerator deodo

  • [Industry News] COVID-19's Impact on Animal Feed Industry

    Due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), livestock and poultry are out of grain due to city closures and road closures, which have also caused great difficulties for the production and processing of feed manufacturers. Over fifty countries had declared a national emergency to combat coronavirus. Wit

  • [Industry News] Which Method is Better to Repel Birds?

    Birds can be friends of mankind and a symbol of beauty, but for growers, it might be a trouble. If it is not driven out in time, it will bring great losses. - Manual Bird Repellent After seeing birds, drive them away manually, paying particular attention to the early morning and evening periods

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