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Company Culture

What we require are equality, fairness and reasonableness, we'll never do things according to the seniority or by the back door.  All employees are treated equally, you have fair competition and equal opportunity. We'll creat a good atmosphere of seeking truth from the facts, being objective and fair, also communicating smoothly and doing things from the colletive interests.
What we emphasize is that the leadership should serve the employees and the eployees should serve the customers. We must give fully respect and care for employees. We advocate "cosmopolitan", employees of different origins, nationalities, ages, qualifications, and geographies are all part of the Landmark family. We always maintain a harmonious, warm, united and friendly working atmosphere, treat our colleagues sincerely,care for each other and encourage each other.
Our leaders care about the employees'careers and help them with career development plans. They actively create space and environment for employees to grow: We advocate that the experienced employees should help the new colleagues, and the one with strong business capability should help the ones who're weaker. Colleagues in different departments should share work experience and growth experience thus to learn from each other.
We establish a unified system and process. Everyone should have a rigorous style and a good image in order to create favorable conditions for the development of company and personal growth. We constantly improve ourselves with a strong sense of responsibility and crisis, also with strong execution and integration, thus to realize the common growth of individuals and the company.



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