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Which Method is Better to Repel Birds?

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Birds can be friends of mankind and a symbol of beauty, but for growers, it might be a trouble. If it is not driven out in time, it will bring great losses.


-    Manual Bird Repellent


After seeing birds, drive them away manually,  paying particular attention to the early morning and evening periods (the harm is serious).

Advantages: No other additional costs.

Disadvantages: It is impossible for people to watch 24 hours. After all, they have to be busy with their own affairs.


Reflective Tape to Repel Birds

Reflective Tape to Repel Birds

Pulling this kind of reflective ribbon in the orchard stimulates the eyes of birds through the reflected sunlight to achieve the effect of repelling birds.

Advantages: the method is simple and easy to implement, and does not require a large cost.

Disadvantages: The effect of repelling birds is more obvious under sunny conditions; after a long period of use, the effect will be greatly reduced when the birds get used to it.


- Bird Repeller


Bird Repeller

There are many bird repellers on the market, such as voice bird repellers, ultrasonic bird repellers and so on.

Advantages: Using sound to scare away birds can have a certain effect.

Disadvantages: Buying a bird repeller is not cheap; It will be cumbersome to operate; It is easy to be damaged or lost when placed outdoors.


- Anti-bird Net

Anti-bird Net

By erecting barbed wire frames on the fields, to prevent the harm of birds.

Advantages: The use of anti-bird nets can prevent birds from pecking, and the effect is good.

Disadvantages: The cost is relatively large. If the field area is relatively large, it is a large investment. You can choose according to your actual situation.


- Bird Repellent

Bird Repellent - cinnamaldehyde

Most bird repellents currently on the market are green and pollution-free biological types. Bird repellent commonly used cinnamaldehyde, methyl anthranilate, camphor oil as the main raw materials, adding some auxiliary components to make a biological preparation.  After being distributed for use, it slowly and permanently releases a special faint scent that affects the nervous system and respiratory system of birds. Birds will fly away after smelling it and will not come again in their memory period.


5.1 Simple to use.

5.2 the bird repelling effect is remarkable, the time for repelling birds is longer than 15 days, and the bird repelling effect is good for all kinds of birds. According to statistics, if bird repellent is not used in production, the loss is generally 25%. In some areas with severe bird damage, the loss of fruit is as high as 50%. After using bird repellent, the loss can be reduced by more than 70%.

3. Green and environment-friendly. The bird repellent is biodegradable, which is green and harmless to human and animal environment.

4. Widely used: it is widely used in crops, orchards, threshing ground, sowing, airports, power facilities and other crops and places that need to avoid birds.


The above five bird-repelling measures are widely used in actual planting. By comparison, we can easily find that bird repellent has obvious advantages, and it will become a mainstream to use bird repellent in the future.



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