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What is alpha-Methylcinnamic acid?

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alpha-Methylcinnamic acid is pharmaceutical intermediates, generally used in organic synthesis. It is white to yellow Crystals or crystalline powder.

It needs storage sealed and stored in a cool, dry place, ensuring good ventilation or exhaust in the workplace.

Does not decompose if used and stored according to specifications, no known dangerous reactions, avoid oxides.

The best inhibitor is alpha-methylcinnamic acid . In some experiments, incubations were carried out in the presence of 100 μM indomethacin or α-methylcinnamic acid.

Flavors and fragrances are integral components of a wide range of consumer goods. Natural and synthetic flavor compositions are responsible for the fruity taste of cherry cola and the cool mint flavor of toothpaste. Fragrance compositions add the fresh scent of pine to household cleaning products and exotic top notes to fine perfumes. Worldwide consumption of flavor and fragrance (F&F) products—flavor and fragrance compositions as well as the essential oils, natural extracts, and aroma chemicals that serve as starting materials—exceeded $30 billion in 2016 (merchant sales of F&F products only).

The use of aroma chemicals (which are primarily synthetic) has increased at the expense of essential oils and extracts of natural origin. Synthetic aroma chemicals generally offer security of supply and price stability, whereas essential oils and natural extracts can be subject to supply shortages and price volatility. Mature markets—North America, Western Europe, and Japan—accounted for less than half of 2016 consumption; developing markets—Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, and Other Asia—made up the remainder.



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