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What are the top three China Antiseptic Suppliers?

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The NO.1 China Antiseptic Supplier is Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd.

As China antiseptic supplier, Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

The company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating research, production and sales.

As China antiseptic supplier, the company specializes in cinnamon series, including cinnamic acid, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamic alcohol, methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate and so on. The company can also accept the customization of other cinnamon derivatives.

As China antiseptic supplier, the company has the advanced production equipment, modern facilities, domestic advanced production technology and mature quality management system.

As China antiseptic supplier, the LANDMARK headquarters is located in Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, which is the sub-provincial-level central city of six provinces in central China, with convenient land and water transportation radiating nationwide.

We are a growing company committed to continually enhancing the employee experience and remaining a clean, efficient and safe work environment.

the company has years of experience in the production and development of benzaldehyde downstream products, with 5 master degree engineers, 25 undergraduate technicians, and 3000MT annual output of cinnamaldehyde, 1000MT of cinnamic acid, 600MT of cinnamyl alcohol and 600MT of methyl cinnamate.

As China antiseptic supplier, the company has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System certification, and relying on the concept of independent development and joint development of universities, it has in-depth cooperation with major universities and scientific research institutions in Wuhan.

As a result of our quality control measures, our company has also got FDA certificate. In the meantime, it has successively awarded “The Excellent Companie of Integrity Standards”, “Top Ten Outstanding Private Enterprises”, and “The AAA-level Credit Enterprises”, etc.

The NO.2 China Antiseptic Supplier is Ucardi

As China antiseptic supplier, Ucardi biological company focuses on the innovation of cell / gene therapy technologies and products such as car-t. it is an innovative biomedical enterprise.

As China antiseptic supplier, Ucardi was founded in February 2015. At present, ucardi has not only completed the establishment of the closed loop of technical products from scientific research to transformation to clinic.

In addition, it has also built three production bases of perfect GMP production and quality management inspection system in the whole industrial chain of car-t production, including the production of clinical plasmid, lentivirus vector and car-t cells.

As China antiseptic supplier, Under this production management system, it has completed more than 1000 real-world clinical research and sympathizing rescue treatment of car-t with the Hematology Department of many famous third class hospitals in China, The curative effect has reached the expected effect consistent with that reported in international clinical trials, but it has prominent advantages in safety.

In 2019, relevant personnel of the European Patent Office published car-t patent application and approved analysis in Nature Biotechnology, and ucardi ranked fourth in the world.

At the same time, ucardi has won many honors, such as "China cell therapy enterprise rapid growth Award", "top 100 of 2019 future medical top 100 - China innovative medicine list", "top 100 of 2020 China pharmaceutical innovative enterprises", and has reached strategic cooperation with Hainan Haiyao to invest in the construction of gene and cell therapy center in Boao, Hainan.

The NO.3 China Antiseptic Supplier is Ucardi

As China antiseptic supplier, Hongren is a cro (contract research organization) focusing on analytical and detection technology services.

As China antiseptic supplier, the company main business includes pharmacokinetic research, bioanalysis, drug analysis, data management and statistical analysis.

Founded on July 7, 2011, the company has gradually established a technical service platform for biological analysis, drug analysis and pharmacokinetics research in line with GLP / gclp specifications, and formed a bilingual quality management system.

Since 2017, the company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province, passed the laboratory quality assessment of the National Health Commission and the capability certification of the Central Inspection Institute, and has been rated as Wuhan Donghu high tech Zone since 2018 "Gazelle enterprise" has obtained CNAs 17025 certification and BSL-2 laboratory Filing Certificate since 2019.

Adhering to the service concept of "standardization, efficiency and quality assurance", the company has established good cooperative relations with many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises, biotechnology companies, cros and clinical research centers to work together to create a healthy life for mankind.



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