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What Flavors and Fragrances are Added in Cigarettes?

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The general flavour and fragrance for cigarettes is mainly divided into 2 types, casing flavor and aromatic flavor. In the production, they are general abbreviate as the sugar and incense. The specific usages of raw materials are very extensive. Both natural and synthetic raw materials have their own usages. So the specific types are mainly selected by the type, taste and characteristics of tobacco leaves and the cigarettes planned to be produced. 

Whether the flavour added is the aromatic or the casing, they are both finished in the stage of making tobacco shred. Casing is advanced, and adding aromatics is the last process of making tobacco shred. Tobacco processing adds a lot of flavors, such as tincture, extract, essential oil and many synthetic spices are available. The specific application is not fixed, so it is difficult to say what flavors are commonly used. 

Casing flavor is mainly used to improve the combustion and moisturizing properties of cigarettes, taste and mould proof function. The aromatic flavor is to improve the smell of cigarettes, to shape the different styles of cigarettes. 

In general, ingredients for casing flavors, are sugars such as sugar, brown sugar, honey, glucose, fruit juice extract and so on. Or sometimes are organic acids to adjust to the PH value of smoke. For example, like citric acid, benzoic acid, tartaric acid and so on. Sometimes there are added some Non-sugar sweeteners. 

Aromatic flavor is commonly used in tobacco extracts, maillard reactants, natural plant extracts and a lot of monomeric aromatic materials (such as ethyl acetate, isoamyl acetate, phenylacetic acid, acetic acid, turkenone, vanillin, etc.), which are combined with each other and form different cigarette styles with different tobacco leaves.

Flavour and fragrance

The raw materials of aromatic flavor used for tobacco are natural and synthetic. The natural raw materials are divided into natural essential oil and the extract of spice plants. Such as bay leaf oil, rose oil, clove oil, etc., which are common plant essential oil; Synthetic spices, such as cinnamic acid, are a kind of spice in themselves and have a good fragrance preservation effect. It is usually as the raw material of the incense, which can make the aroma of the main spice more aromatic and volatile. 





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