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UV Protection of cinnamic acid Derivatives

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Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for acute and chronic adverse effects on the skin, including skin burns, erythema, premature skin ageing, photodermatoses, immunosuppression and skin carcinogenesis. In the past few years, UV has become considered a public health threat all over the world. 

China Antiseptic Suppliers research shows that four cinnamic acid derivatives are currently classified as UV filters allowed in cosmetic products: 2‐ethylhexyl ester of 4‐methoxycinnamic acid (INCI: ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, also known as octinoxate); isopentyl ester of 4‐methoxycinnamic acid (INCI: isoamyl p‐methoxycinnamte, also known as amiloxate); 2‐ethylhexyl ester of 2‐cyano‐3,3‐diphenylacrylic acid (INCI: octocrylene) and 2‐ethoxyethyl ester of 4‐methoxycinnamic acid (INCI: cinoxate). The aforementioned cinnamic acid derivatives absorb UV radiation mostly in the UVB region, covering wavelengths in the 280–320 nm range (peak absorption at 310 nm) for octinoxate, 290–360 nm (peak absorption at 303 nm) for octocrylene, 270–328 (peak absorption at 311) for cinoxate and peak absorption at 310 nm for amiloxate 29, 32, 33. UV filters from that group are characterized by poor water solubility and are preferred in waterproof applications.

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Moreover, some derivatives of cinnamic acid are used as UV absorbers. They include the aforementioned UV filters (octinoxate, amiloxate, octocrylene, cinoxate and ethyl cinnamate, as well as ethyl p‐methoxycinnamate (INCI: ethyl methoxycinnamate), isopropyl p‐methoxycinnamate (INCI: isopropyl methoxycinnamate), potassium salt of p‐methoxycinnamic acid (INCI: potassium methoxycinnamate) and 2‐ethylhexyl ester of 4‐hydroxy‐3‐methoxycinnamic acid (INCI: ethylhexyl ferulate) .

A more recent study showed no positive photopatch test results to octinoxate and amiloxate in patients experiencing contact dermatitis after using cinnamon‐related fragrances; however, cinnamon‐sensitive patients are recommended to perform a use test before applying cosmetic products containing cinnamate UV filters.



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