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The application of cinnamaldehyde

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Cinnamaldehyde is used as a flavoring agent in bakery goods, confection, beverages, toothpaste etc. And it is an effective animal repellent, pesticide as well as fungicide.


Most importantly, cinnamaldehyde as phytogenic compound used in feed additives has unique physiological functions and is of great significance in animal husbandry production.


Phytogenic feed additives play a role through active ingredients such as polyphenols, terpenes, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, etc. The most commonly used in production are cinnamaldehyde, thymol, carvacrol, cloves Phenol, linalool, cineole, anethole, allicin, capsaicin and other substances.


As an important antibiotic substitute, phytogenic feed additives affect the performance of poultry and the quality of poultry products through antibacterial, immune regulation, growth promotion, and anti-oxidation effects. Compound plant essential oils no matter on the in vitro effect of sterilization or animal breeding, are significantly better than the effect of single essential oil, the most widely used essential oils ingredients are carvacrol, thymol and cinnamaldehyde, essential oils have been proved to be effective in anti-oxidation, growth promotion and antibacterial activities, it's considered as an efficient and green additive to protect the health of animal digestive tract.


Besides, it's well-known that Cinnamaldehyde has a very good anti-mildew bactericidal effect, the feed added cinnamaldehyde can be preserved for a long time without mold and won't change color and taste, it is also efficient to increase the food intake of animals. Cinnamaldehyde as a spice, its unique flavor can improve the animal's appetite, other spices and attractants are not needed if cinnamaldehyde is added in feed.



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