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Sources and uses of cinnamic acid

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Cinnamic acid is an odorless white crystalline acid that has only been recently studied for its potential in cancer prevention. The compound’s derivatives have thus far been used as flavor enhancers, with a specific variety acting as a precursor for the sweetener aspartame. Despite aspartame’s negative health effects on the body, cinnamic acid is in itself quite healthy.

The acid can exist as both trans and cis isomers; however it is the cis form that most people use today as it can be easily derived from a chemical reaction between benzaldehyde and acetic anhydride. The process in which this type of cinnamic acid is synthesized ensures that the compound is removed from all its impurities.

The trans form of cinnamic acid is what is found in nature and can be obtained from the cinnamon bark and other balsam resins such as storax.

Either variety is generally used for the manufacture of dyes, flavors, and certain pharmaceuticals. Until recently, cinnamic acid was used in the production of methyl, ethyl, and benzyl esters which are crucial aspects in the making of perfumes.

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