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P-hydroxy cinnamic acid can reduce the environmental pollution caused by papermaking wastewater

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P-hydroxycinnamic acid has a large conjugate system with side chain double bonds and benzene ring, has strong dehydrogenation polymerization capacity, and is environmentally friendly.

In addition, P-hydroxycinnamic acid is also a powerful chemical agent for green environmental treatment of wastewater.The waste water produced by some paper mill pulps contains a large amount of phenolic lignin and its derivatives, and some contain polyxylose and glucose mannose in the form of L C C.These water-soluble, non-degradable lignin and its derivatives have poor biodegradability and certain toxicity, which are difficult to be removed by traditional physicochemical and biochemical methods. They are the most chromaticity and most difficult to be treated in pulp and paper wastewater.

P-Hydroxycinnamic Acid

A large amount of water-soluble lignin and its derivatives can be removed by enzymatic treatment, but the enzyme treatment efficiency is low, the amount of enzyme is too high, the cost is too high, and the molecular weight of the products after polymerization is not large enough, and it is difficult for the products to precipitate out on its own, and other flocculants are also needed to assist, so the enzymatic treatment has not been popularized.As the key to the treatment of pulp and paper wastewater is the small molecule of soluble lignin that is difficult to degrade in the wastewater, if a copolymerized medium can be found to polymerize it into a high polymer with high molecular weight and good hydrophobicity, it can be precipitated out of the wastewater and removed.

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