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Main Usage of Cinnamic Acid

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Cinnamic acid is a white or light yellow fine needle crystal powder, with a aroma of resin and honey. Cinnamic acid is soluble in hot water, organic solvent and most non-volatile oils. It is insoluble in cold water. It is a importanct organic chemical raw material, which widely used in the preparation of fine chemical products such as drugs, spices and sensitive materials.

Cinnamic Acid

1. Fragrance and perfume:

① It can be used as an aromatic mixture in soap, shampoo, washing powder and daily cosmetics.

②we can use cinnamic acid to make apple and cherry flavor in food. It can be used as a blend of apple essence, cherry essence, fruit essence and floral essence.

③It inhibits the formation of black tyrosinase and insulates ultraviolet rays to a certain extent. It can make the brown spots become shallow or even disappear, and it is one of the essential ingredients in advanced sunscreen.

④ cinnamic acid itself is a kind of spice, which has good effect flavor preservation. It is usually used as a flavoring material to make the aroma of the main spice more aromatic and volatile. 

2. Pharmaceutical industry:

In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be synthesis of the important drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease, such as lactic acid kexin ding and heartache ping, and the synthesis of chlorphenaminobutyric acid and cinnamobenpiperazine, used for the production of "xin kean", as well as the synthesis of chlorphenaminobutyric acid and cinnamobenpiperazine.

3. Organic synthesis:

① In the field of organic chemical synthesis, cinnamic acid can be used as a sustained-release agent for galvanized sheet, a heat stabilizer for PVC, a cross-linking agent for polyurethane, a flame retardant for ethylides and polycaprolactam, and a chemical analytical reagent. It is also a reagent for the determination of uranium and vanadium separation.It is also the main synthetic material of negative photosensitive resin.The main synthesis of cinnamates, polyvinyl cinnamates, ethylene oxycinnamates and epoxy resin with side group as cinnamates.

②it can be used as heat stabilizer of PVC, sterilization and mildew deodorant. It can also be added into rubber and foam to make smelly shoes and insoles. It can also be used to prevent mildew in cotton cloth and various synthetic fiber, leather, coating, shoe oil, straw mat and other products.




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