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Instructions for Handling and Storage of Benzaldehyde

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Operation precautions of Benzaldehyde: please enclosed operation and overall ventilation. Operators must be specially trained to strictly follow operating procedures. Operators are advised to wear Self-priming filter gas masks(half mask), chemical safety protective glasses, Anti-poisoning workwears and rubber oil resistant gloves. Please keep away from fire and heat. 

No smoking in the workplace. please use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Pleaes prevent steam from leaking into the workplace air. Please avoid contact with oxidants and acids. Please handle in nitrogen. Please lightly handle to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Please equipped with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire equipment and emergency leakage treatment equipment. 


Storage precautions: Please store in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Stay away from fire and heat. Packing should be sealed and not contact with air. Should be stored separately with oxidizer, acid, food chemicals, do not mix storage. Explosion-proof lighting and ventilation are adopted. Please prohibit the use of spark-prone mechanical equipment and tools.The storage area should be equipped with emergency leakage treatment equipment and proper containing materials.



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