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  • [Information] Cinnamyl alcohol and other 15 materials are approved to be feed additives By EU Official Gazette

    According to the EU Official Gazette, 16 October 2020, European Commission Regulation (EU)2020/1510, Approved 15 substances such as cinnamyl alcohol as feed additives for all animals except marine animals. According to the regulations, The 15 materials are cinnamyl alcohol,3-phenylpropan-1-ol,2-phen

  • [Information] Cinnamaldehyde - A Major Component of Cinnamon Essential Oil

    Basic Information about Essential Oils Essential oils are aromatic oily liquids obtained from plant materials, such as: seed, bark, roots, stems, leaf, flower, resins and other parts of the plants. They can be obtained by expression, fermentation, or extraction, but steam distillation is the most co

  • [Information] Advantages of Potassium Cinnamate in the Food Industry

    otassium cinnamate, as a new kind of natural food preservatives, is widely used in the food field. Compared with other preservatives, potassium cinnamate has the following obvious advantages: - Strong Antibacterial Ability Potassium cinnamate has a strong effect on molds, bacteria and yeasts that ca

  • [Information] Application of Cinnamaldehyde in Oral Care Products

    With the development of industry technology, the application of cinnamaldehyde has become more and more extensive. In the chemical industry, cinnamaldehyde can synthesize cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamonitrile, and can also be used in color developer, insecticide, mosquito repellent, refrigerator deodo

  • [Information] Cinnamaldehyde and Its Many Uses

    Name: CinnamaldehydeOther names: 3-Phenyl-2-propenal; Cinnamic aldehyde; trans-CinnamaldehydeCAS No.: 104-55-2Purity: 99%minManufacturer: Wuhan LANDMARK Industrial Co., Ltd. Cinnamaldehyde exists as yellowish to greenish-yellow oily liquid, with strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and spicy taste and burni

  • [Information] Benzaldehyde: An Introduction with Applications

    Benzaldehyde, also known as benzenecarboxy aldehyde or benzoic aldehyde, is the most simple, and also the most commonly used industrial aromatic aldehyde. Benzaldehyde is a colorless liquid at room temperature and has a pleasant odor. Benzaldehyde is miscible in volatile oils, fixed oils, ether, and

  • [Information] Can Flavor And Fragrance Expire? How Long Do They Last?

    Flavor and fragrance are widely used in food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, tobacco industry, textile industry, leather industry and other industries. The function and ultimate purpose of flavor and fragrance is to restore the products to the most natural state. For exam

  • [Information] Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate: A Great Helper in the Summer

    When it comes to hot summer, people are most worried about not only how to relieve the heat, but also how to protect themselves from the sun. Sunscreen is a necessary step in summer, especially for girls, even without makeup, they have to wear sunscreen. Moreover, we should try our best to avoid lon

  • [Information] Methyl Cinnamate CAS 103-26-4

    Methyl cinnamate (CAS NO. 103-26-4), also known as Cinnamic acid methyl ester or Methyl trans-cinnamate, is the methyl ester of cinnamic acid. Methyl cinnamate is found naturally in a variety of plants, including in fruits, like strawberry, and some culinary spices, such as Sichuan pepper and some v


    Wuhan Landmark, which specializes in the research, development, production and sales of cinnamon series, is a proactive resourcing specialist company offering a wide range of raw materials for use in the flavors, fragrances, food additives, and cosmetics industries. Christmas and New Year's Day are

  • [Information] Buy Quality Cinnamaldehyde with Wholesale Price from Supplier Wuhan Landmark

    Basic Information about CinnamaldehydeCinnamaldehyde, or 3-phenylprop-2-enal to use its IUPAC name, is the organic compound with the formula C6H5CH=CHCHO that gives cinnamon its flavor and odor (also known as cinnamic aldehyde). The natural product is trans-cinnamaldehyde. The molecule consists of

  • [Information] 2019 Most Popular Products at LANDMARKIND

    Today, I'm now going to introduce the most popular products available at our official website now to you. NO.1 - Cinnamic Acid (CAS NO. 140-10-3)Cinnamic acid is widely used in perfume, food, photographic, polymer and pharmaceutical industries.

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