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How to Use Methyl cinnamate to Improve Pigment Precipitation in Skin

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Methyl cinnamate suppliers in the study found that methyl cinnamate has a significant inhibitory effect on tyrosinase, can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase monophenols and diphenols enzyme activity. The inhibitory effect of monophenolase on tyrosinase was mainly manifested in the significant prolongation of the lag time of enzyme-catalyzed reaction, and the inhibitory effect on diphenolase showed a type of reversible competitive inhibition with an inhibitory constant (K) of I 0.66 mmol. /L, the methyl cinnamate concentration (IC50) with a relative inhibition rate of 50% for p-diphenolase (IC50) was 1.49 mmol/L, much lower than the current commonly used arbutin (IC50) = 5.3 mmolL). In addition, methyl cinnamate is highly safe and has been widely used in daily flavors and food flavors, and is considered to be a very promising tyrosinase inhibitor.

Methyl cinnamate

How is the melanin in the skin synthesized? The determining step in melanin synthesis is the conversion of tyrosine to dopa under the action of tyrosinase. Tyrosine is an essential amino acid for human physiological activities and is abundantly and widely present in humans. The tyrosinase activity in darker skin is about three times that of skin with lighter skin. The most critical step in controlling skin blackening is to find a way to block the effects of tyrosinase. 

Ethyl cinnamate not only inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, but also blocks certain ultraviolet rays, so that melanin is no longer increased, and the absorption rate is high, it is completely non-irritating to the skin, and the safety is very high. It is used to prepare sunscreen (paste, Skin care cosmetics such as milk and liquid can prevent sunburn, sunburn and tanning of human skin, so that the range of color spots is no longer enlarged, and the skin color is no longer deeper.



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