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Cinnamic acid derivatives can be used as antioxidants in cosmetics

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Cinnamic Acid suppliers have studied the antioxidant activities of cinnamic acid derivatives, including Sova 55 and. fiq. 56. Naturally occurring substances and synthetic derivatives have been tested and classified as antioxidants. The antioxidant properties are related mostly to inhibition of lipid oxidation and free radical scavenging effects.

The CosIng Database indexes several cinnamic acid derivatives used in cosmetics as antioxidants. Among them there are not only derivatives substituted in a phenyl ring with hydroxyl group(s), but also unsubstituted ones and compounds that possess a methoxyl group in a phenyl ring. 

Cinnamic Acid suppliers

There are, among others, o‐methoxycinnamaldehyde, chlorogenic acids (ester derivatives of caffeic acid with quinic acids); 2‐ethylhexyl ester of ferulic acid (INCI: ethylhexyl ferulate); silicone polymer methoxycinnamidopropyl/phenyl polysilsesquioxane; octadecyl ester of 3,5‐bis(1,1‐dimethylethyl)‐4‐hydroxybenzenepropanoic acid (INCI: octadecyl di‐t‐butyl‐4‐hydroxyhydrocinnamate); methyl 3‐(3,5‐di‐tert‐butyl‐4‐hydroxyphenyl)propanoate (INCI: methyl di‐t‐butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate); ester derivative of cinnamic acid and ascorbic acid (INCI: ascorbyl methoxycinnamate); tryptamine derivative of cinnamic acid (INCI: cinnamoyl tryptamine) and cinnamoylhydroxyamic acid.



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