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Cinnamic acid can be used in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, organic chemical synthesis field.

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In the pharmaceutical industry, cinnamic acid can be used to synthesize the important drugs for the treatment of coronary heart disease, such as Kexin lactate and Xintongping, and to synthesize chlorphenylammonic acid and cinnamenpiperazine, which can be used in the manufacture of "Xinkoan", local anesthetics, fungicides, A hemostatic, etc Chlorphenylammonic acid and cinnamon piperazine can also be synthesized as bone relaxants and antispasmodic agents. Mainly used for cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, coronary atherosclerosis and other diseases. It has obvious inhibitory effect on proliferation of lung adenocarcinoma cells. Cinnamic acid is an effective inhibitor of A-5491 human lung adenocarcinoma cells.

cinnamic acid

In beauty,Cinnamic acid is a key enzyme in melanin synthesis. It initiates the chain reaction from tyrosine to melanin biopolymer. Cinnamic acid can inhibit the formation of tyrosine amino acid enzyme. It is one of the essential ingredients of high-grade sunscreen because it can make brown spots shallower or even disappear. Cinnamic acid has a significant anti-oxidation effect to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. Cinnamic acid also has a good flavor retention effect, usually used as the raw material, used as flavor fixing agent in the essence of daily chemicals.

In organic chemical synthesis, cinnamic acid can be used as slow-release agent of galvanized plate, heat stabilizer of polyvinyl chloride, crosslinking agent of polycarbamate, flame retardant of acetonyl and polycaprolactam, chemical analysis reagent. It is also a reagent for the separation of uranium and vanadium; it is also the main synthetic material of negative-plate photosensitive resin. The main synthesis of lauric acid ester, polyvinyl cinnamate ester, ethyl polyethylene cinnamate and side group of cinnamate epoxy resin. Used in plastics, it can be used as heat stabilizer for PVC, fungicidal and deodorant, it can also be added to rubber, foam plastics to make anti-odor shoes and insoles, it can also be used in cotton cloth and all kinds of synthetic fibers, leather, coatings, shoe polish, Straw mat and other products to prevent mildew.



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