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Name: Beta-Bromostyrene
Other name: beta-bromostyrene(cis+trans); Bromostyrenecistrans;Bromostyrol; Bromostyrene; 2-Bromovinylbenzene; b-bromostyrene; beta-Bromostyrene, mixture of cis- and trans isomers; Bromstyrol; (2-bromoethenyl)benzene;
CAS No: 103-64-0
EINECS No: 203-131-3
Formula: C8H7Br
Molar volume: 183.05
Density: 1.44g/cm3
Melting point: 7 degrees Celsius(lit.)
Flash Point(C) : 102 degrees Celsius
Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid
Fragrance: Unique Scent
Purity: 98%min
Boiling Point: 219-220 degrees Celsius
Refractive Index (20 degrees Celsius): 1.604-1.608
Specific Gravity (20 degrees Celsius): 1.422-1.426
Packing: 200kg/plastic Drum
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  • 103-64-0

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Application of Beta-Bromostyrene:

Beta-Bromostyrene or β-Bromostyrene is used in the one-pot method for the preparation of cinnamonitriles. It is also used in the preparation of pure ethyl Z- and E-α, α-difluoro-4-phenyl-3-butenoate and 1,3-diphenyl-1-butene. It may be used in the synthesis of β-tert-butylstyrene via cross coupling reaction with tert-butylmagnesium chloride in the presence of dichloro [1,1′-bis (diphenylphosphino) ferrocene] nickel (II) catalyst. It may also be used to prepare γ-but-2-enolactone by reacting with nickel carbonyl in the presence of alkynes.

Specifications of Beta-Bromostyrene:

beta-Bromostyrene Basic information
Product Name: beta-Bromostyrene

(2-bromoethenyl)-benzen; [(E)-2-Bromoethenyl]benzene; 1-Bromo-2-phenylethene; Styryl bromide;styrylbromide; OMEGA-BROMOSTYRENE; 2-(BROMOVINYL)BENZENE; 1-BROMO-2-PHENYLETHYLENE

CAS: 103-64-0
MF: C8H7Br
MW: 183.05
EINECS: 203-131-3
Product Categories:

Pharmaceutical Intermediates;Alkenyl;Building Blocks;Chemical Synthesis; Halogenated Hydrocarbons;Organic Building Blocks

Mol File: 103-64-0.mol
beta-Bromostyrene Chemical Properties
Melting point 7 degrees Celsius(lit.)
Boiling point 219-220 degrees Celsius(lit.)
Density 1.427 g/mL at 25 degrees Celsius(lit.)
Refractive index n20/D 1.608
Fp 215 degrees Fahrenheit
Storage temp. 2-8 degrees Celsius
Solubility Soluble in alcohol
Form Liquid
Color Very deep green-yellow
BRN 2,038,495




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