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Application of cinnamic acid in electroplating industry

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Cinnamic acid, also known as β- phenylacrylic acid ,3-phenyl-2-acrylic acid, white crystalline powder, micro-you cinnamon aroma. cinnamic acid is one of the important intermediates in organic synthesis industry and is widely used in chemical products such as medicine, spices, plastics and photosensitive resins. Cinnamic acid can also be used as corrosion inhibitor of galvanized sheet, thermal stabilizer of PVC, crosslinking agent of polyamine methyl ester and flame retardant of acetyl, as well as chemical analysis reagent. It has a good fragrance preservation effect, usually used as a raw material, but also used as a fragrance fixing agent in spices, and has been widely used in food, cosmetics, edible essence and other fields.

 Overview of Galvanizing Process and Its Application

 Zinc coating has been the main protective layer of iron and steel parts in many industries. It accounts for 45-50% of the whole electroplating industry. It has excellent corrosion resistance, good coating and welding processing performance, and low cost. At the same time, after hundreds of years of improvement and improvement of zinc plating technology, there are the following mature technology:

 (1) Cyanide galvanizing process is mature, the coating crystallizes meticulously, the bath dispersion ability is good, but because of its toxicity, the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater is also difficult. Domestic share is gradually shrinking, replaced by cyanide-free technology.

 (2) Alkaline zinc salt galvanizing system has developed rapidly from the early 1970s. Its composition is simple, it is easy to maintain, the plating solution has no corrosion to the equipment, the crystallization of the coating is similar to that of cyanide, and good additives should be selected. If there is no good additive, only sponge coating is obtained, and its coating is less brittle than that of cyanide galvanizing.

 (3) Acid type bath is also dominated by potassium chloride/sodium chloride. This process basically overcomes the shortcomings of ammonium salt galvanizing and alkaline zinc salt galvanizing, has strong deep plating ability, good dispersion ability, and the coating quality is equivalent to cyanide galvanizing process.

 (4) Sulfate-type galvanizing solution is still the main application technology in wire and strip galvanizing because of its low cost, stable plating solution, high current efficiency and fast deposition speed.

 (5) Chloride galvanizing process has been widely used in electroplating industry at home and abroad because of its unique advantages such as high brightness, low pollution and high efficiency.

 Cinnamic acid can be used as brightener, corrosion inhibitor and additive in electroplating, and is often used in galvanizing, tin plating and other plating species. Cinnamic acid is widely used in galvanizing brightener. It can not only be used as sulfate galvanizing brightener, potassium chloride galvanizing brightener and carrier brightener alone, but also as auxiliary brightener for other brightener products.



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