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Application of Cinnamaldehyde in Oral Care Products

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With the development of industry technology, the application of cinnamaldehyde has become more and more extensive. In the chemical industry, cinnamaldehyde can synthesize cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamonitrile, and can also be used in color developer, insecticide, mosquito repellent, refrigerator deodorant, preservative and other products; in the field of medicine, cinnamaldehyde has the functions of antivirus, anticancer, fat decomposition, anti ulcer, sterilization and detoxification; in the health care industry, cinnamaldehyde has corrosion resistance and can be widely used in the health wine industry.



In addition, cinnamaldehyde is often used in spices, preservatives (paper), and is also a good seasoning oil to improve the taste and flavor. Cinnamaldehyde can not only be used to make various flavors, but also has the dual effects of sterilization and deodorization on the oral cavity. It is commonly used in oral care products such as toothpaste, chewing gum, breath freshener, etc.

cinnamaldehyde - chewing gum


Cinnamaldehyde has a good inhibitory effect on mold growth. It has strong antibacterial force and can effectively kill bacteria and Escherichia coli. The antifungal effects of cinnamaldehyde on 22 conditional pathogenic fungi were studied by foreign researchers. The results show that cinnamaldehyde has antibacterial effects on all the tested bacteria.

cinnamaldehyde - toothpaste


As cinnamaldehyde has a good fragrance holding function, it can be used as a flavoring material in toothpaste flavoring, making the toothpaste fragrance more delicate and changeable. At the same time, because cinnamaldehyde has a certain bactericidal effect, it can form a therapeutic effect on periodontitis, and can reduce the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in saliva by more than half. It can remove about half of the anaerobic bacteria behind the tongue. It can clean the breath and achieve the effect of eliminating halitosis bacteria at the same time.

From the overall downstream market share, the demand for cinnamaldehyde of daily necessities as consumables increased. Taking the toothpaste industry as an example, cinnamaldehyde has been used in toothpaste in developed countries. Cinnamaldehyde, which is pure natural, antibacterial, anti infective and repairing tissue, has gradually been widely used in toothpaste industry, which will drive the rapid development of cinnamaldehyde industry.



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