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An Anti-Anxiety and Antifatigue Perfume Formulated with Mint and Ethyl Cinnamate

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In real life, we have heard and witnessed many tragic car accidents.While lamenting the fragility of life, we have also learned a lot of lessons, for their own safety and the safety of others, do not fatigue driving.

Now, methyl cinnamate factory have developed a fragrance specifically for cars that can reduce anxiety and fatigue.It is formulated with peppermint essential oil, ethyl cinnamate, 95% alcohol and steamed water.Its preparation craft: the peppermint oil and ethyl cinnamate proportional mixing after adding 95% alcohol, slowly stir, peppermint oil and cinnamic acid ethyl ester mixture completely dissolved into the alcohol and let stand for 40 ~ 58 hours, after adding distilled water, then stir until smooth and let stand for 40 ~ 58 hours, and then placed 4 ~ 6 weeks, finally filtered coffee filter bottle again, for this product.As the present invention adopts modern scientific means, applying these two progenitors as perfume is of great importance for regulating human emotions, treating diseases and protecting human physical and mental health. The volatile smell of the product can help improve the driver's mood when driving, and alleviate the feeling of anxiety and fatigue. 

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With the development of automobile industry and the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, it is believed that this special perfume will be loved by more and more people, and the market prospect is broad. 




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