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Action and efficacy of cinnamic acid

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English Name: cinnamic acid

CAS No.: 621-82-9

Molecular formula: C9H8O2

Molecular weight: 148.16

Function and application of cinnamic acid: cinnamic acid is an important organic synthetic raw material.

It is mainly used to synthesize methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate and benzyl cinnamate. It is widely used in perfume industry and pharmaceutical industry. Used as an insect repellent in medicine.

Cinnamic acid is used as perfume to make cherry, apricot, honey and cinnamon flavor. It can also be used as raw material of cinnamate.

China's GB2760-1996 stipulates that China cinnamic acid is allowed to be used as edible flavor; In addition, it can also be used as raw material for photosensitive resin polyvinyl cinnamate series. 

China cinnamic acid

Raw materials for the synthesis of methyl ester, ethyl ester and benzyl ester.

These esters can be used as spices for cosmetics, soap, local anesthetics, hemostatic agents and raw materials for medicine (cardiotropin lactate and chlorophenylaminobutyric acid, etc.).

China cinnamic acid is also used as pesticide raw materials such as plant growth regulator and fungicide; Preservatives for fruits and vegetables.

It is used as raw material of ultraviolet agent and photosensitive resin and sunscreen for cosmetics.

China cinnamic acid can also be used as a standard for organic microanalysis, determination of double bonds, determination of uranium and vanadium, separation of thorium, etc.

Use limit FEMA (mg / kg): soft drink 31; Cold drink 40; Candy 30; Baked food 36; Gum sugar 10.

Moderate limit (FDA § 172.5152000).

Chemical properties: white monoclinic prism. Slightly cinnamon aroma.

Soluble in ethanol, methanol, petroleum ether and chlorine, easily soluble in benzene, ethylphenanthrene, acetone, glacial acetic acid, carbon disulfide and oil, insoluble in water.

It is used as raw material for preparing esters, spices and medicine

It is used as a chemical reagent and also in the synthesis of spices and medicine

Use: it is a permitted edible spice specified in GB 2760-96. It is mainly used for preparing spices, cherry, apricot, honey and other essence.

It can also be used for the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables.



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