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4-Bromocinnamic acid

Name: 4-Bromocinnamic acid
Alias:3-(4-Bromophenyl)acryic acid; Bromocinnamic acid,4-; P-Bromocinnamic acid; Rarechem BK HD C006; 3-(4-bromophenyl)-2-propenoicaci; 4-Bromocinnamic acid, predominantly trans
PubChem CID: 737158
CAS NO.: 1200-07-3
EC Number: 214-850-7
NSC Number: 218449
Molecular Formula: C9H7BrO2
Molecular Weight: 227.057 g/mol
Melting point: 260-265 degrees Celsius
Character: white crystalline powder
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  • 1200-07-3


About 4-Bromocinnamic acid:

4-Bromocinnamic acid, white crystalline powder, also known as 3-(4-Bromophenyl)acryic acid; 4-Bromocinnamic acid; Bromocinnamic acid, 4-; P-Bromocinnamic acid; 3-(4-bromophenyl)-2-propenoicaci; 4-Bromocinnamic acid and predominantly trans.

Its melting point between 260-265 degrees Celsius, if does not conform to specifications using and storing. For storage conditions, the container should be kept sealed, stored at -20 degrees Celsius with a cool, dry place, ensuring good ventilation or exhaust in the workshop and keep away from incompatible substances such as oxidizing agents.

As a kind of organic intermediates, 4-Bromocinnamic acid can be used to flavor spices food additives, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic, pesticide, etc.

For the application details of 4-Bromocinnamic acid, cinnamic acid is a kind of spice in itself, which has a very good preservation effect. It is usually used as the raw material to make the aroma of the main spice more aromatic and volatile. The anti - mildew and antiseptic sterilization of cinnamic acid can be used to preserve freshness and antisepsis in grain, vegetable and fruit. It has no toxic and side effects on human body. Cinnamic acid is an effective inhibitor of A-5491 human lung adenocarcinoma cells. In the agricultural industry, cinnamic acid is used as growth promoter and long-term fungicide for antisepsis of fruits and vegetables. Cinnamic acid can be used in beauty. It is one of the essential ingredients in advanced sunscreens and its significant antioxidant effect has good effect on slowing down wrinkle. 4-Bromocinnamic acid, a kind of cinnamic acid, also has this effects.

For the test way of 4-Bromocinnamic acid purity, HPLC is better choice.Generally speaking, the purity of 4-Bromocinnamic acid can up to 98 percent.

In a word, 4-Bromocinnamic acid is better choice for its kinds of applications.

Specifications of 4-Bromocinnamic acid:


4-Bromocinnamic acid


3-(4-Bromophenyl)acryic acid;
Bromocinnamic acid,4-;
P-Bromocinnamic acid;
Rarechem BK HD C006;
4-Bromocinnamic acid;
predominantly trans

PubChem CID




EC Number


NSC Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

227.057 g/mol

InChi Key


Melting point

260-265 degrees Celsius


white crystalline powder



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